AI-driven video analysis

Be part of the future of AI in video analysis

Embark on a transformative journey with a fully- funded industrial PhD scholarship at the University of Surrey’s acclaimed AI research department, CVSSP. Under the mentorship of the globally respected Professor Josef Kittler and alongside an industry expert from Digital Barriers, you’ll be at the forefront of AI innovation. 

Start date

1 April 2024


3.5 years

Application deadline

Funding source

Digital Barriers

Funding information

UKRI Standard stipend


Exclusive industrial immersion: Step out of the academic realm and into the heart of industry with Digital Barriers. This is your chance to see your work in action, influencing real-world applications and making an impact where it matters most. 

Groundbreaking project: Step into the vanguard of AI research with a project that's not just about analysing video—it's about unravelling the rich tapestry of activity within. This is activity detection redefined. You will teach machines to observe and understand: 

  • Human interactions: from the subtleties of conversation to the dynamics of an argument. Is the subject talking, shouting, or in the midst of an intense debate? 
  • Movement and motion: capture the poetry of human movement, whether it's a simple walk across the room, a spirited run, an ascent up the stairs, or a stealthy crawl. 
  • Behavioural patterns: what does it mean to loiter versus pause? Can we determine intent from inaction? 
  • Abandoned objects: can a piece of luggage left behind tell a story of haste or hazard? 
  • Spatial awareness: understand the unspoken dialogue of space—when is someone or something in front, beside, below, or to the right? 

Eligibility criteria

Your launchpad: We're calling for thinkers, innovators, and dreamers who are ready to make a mark in the AI universe. Here’s what will set you apart: 

  • Elite academic pedigree: armed with a first- class degree from a related discipline such as Physics, Mathematics, Engineering or Computing, you are ready to expand your horizons. 
  • AI/ML virtuoso: with a foundational understanding of AI and ML, you’re prepared to leap into advanced innovation. 
  • Image processing: your skills will bring clarity to the unseen and shape the vision of tomorrow. 
  • Coding maestro: your Python prowess and fluency in AI libraries will be the tools with which you sculpt the future. 
  • Mathematical maverick: a statistical savant, you find narratives in numbers and patterns in chaos. 
  • Problem-solving prodigy: no challenge too great, no puzzle too complex.
  • Communication conductor: you translate complex data into compelling stories.
  • Linguistic excellence: your command of the English language is second to none.

What’s in it for you:

  • Inspiring mentorship: Learn from the luminaries of AI.
  • Real-world impact: See the fruits of your research in tangible, transformative industry solutions.
  • Global network: Collaborate with leading minds across the globe.
  • Career catalyst: This isn't just a PhD; it's the beginning of a distinguished journey in AI.

Open to any UK or international candidates. You will need to meet the minimum entry requirements for our PhD programme.

How to apply

To apply for this PhD studentship, send your CV and cover letter to Prof Josef Kittler at and copy your email to Dr Kieron Messer at by 20 January 2024.

Studentship FAQs

Read our studentship FAQs to find out more about applying and funding.

Application deadline

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Josef Kittler
25 BA 00
Telephone: +44 (0)1483 689294

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