Positive pulse plasma technology

This project will focus on the development of new instrumentation and equipment for the thin film and coating sector. The project is part of ongoing research at our University providing scientific background to the advanced manufacturing sector.

Start date

30 September 2019


4 years

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Applications for this studentship have now closed.


Gencoa produce a wide range of devices for vacuum plasma deposition sector. The different products are used for a variety of purposes such as layer creation, plasma pre-treatment or vacuum diagnostics and control.

A more recent family of products incorporates the use of positive voltage reversals of the bias applied to the deposition or plasma source. This is being pioneered by Gencoa and has the potential to secure unique technology and devices for plasma creation, etching and also layer deposition.

The project will be based upon the study of the fundamentals of this form of plasma generation mode, the potential uses of this mode for plasma processing, and the application for advanced source technology in the semiconductor, precision optics and general vacuum deposition sectors.

The student will be expected to work collaboratively with the Gencoa R&D team to explore and learn the science behind the existing devices and to create new devices aimed at securing commercial and technical advantages for different market sectors.

The work will be varied and combine studies of the plasma properties, the characterisation of this power mode to etch surfaces, and the analysis of layers created by this technology.

Application areas envisaged will include the following:

  • Creation of a mini ion beam etch and deposition source for the R&D sector
  • Positive pulse mode 200-400mm wafer etching devices
  • High-density linear plasma sources
  • Coating enhancement by deposition and ion assistance from a single plasma device.
  • Please note that this is an Engineering Doctorate and you would be expected to be based at the sponsor premises near Liverpool in the UK.

Eligibility criteria

The programme requires a First, an upper second or a Masters at merit or above to qualify for entry.

UK and EU students are eligible to apply. International studentships are at the discretion of the Centre and decisions to take such students are rare due to funding limitations. Residency criteria apply.

IELTS academic: 6.5 or above.

How to apply

Applications for this studentship have now closed.

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Noelle Hartley
05 AB 03
Telephone: +44 (0)1483 683467
E-mail: N.Hartley@surrey.ac.uk


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