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Laboratory instruments

Some of the recently added instruments to the laboratory.

DMS50 fast particle analyser

Measures particle number distribution in the 5–560 nm size range in real-time.

Grimm aerosol spectrometer

Measures particle numbers, mass, and sizes in the 0.25–32 µm size range.

P-Trak ultrafine particle counter

Measures ultrafine particle numbers in 20–1000 nm size range in real-time.

MicroAeth black carbon monitor

Palm-size instrument that measures aerosol Black Carbon concentration in real-time.

2B NOx monitor

Measures NO2, NO, and NOx (NOx = NO + NO2) with ppb (parts per billion) level accuracy.

Q-Trak air quality monitor

Measures CO2, CO, temperature, and humidity, simultaneously in real-time.

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