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We have listed some resources to assist researchers and people from non-technical backgrounds to understand how much pollution surrounds us and how to help make this planet a cleaner place to live.

Available resources

We have a sensor toolbox which can assist researchers as well as people from non-technical backgrounds to analyse and visualise data in an easy way. Read through the manual to find out more on using the toolbox.

We also offer an air quality quiz for Guildford so users can assess how much air pollution they may be exposed to, and from what sources.

We have written generic (i.e. not site-specific) recommendations made for two typical urban environments: street canyon and open road in our green infrastructure guide.

We have a guide that summarises how you can use green infrastructure to protect against air pollution. It was published by the Greater London Authority (City Hall) in consultation with the Global Centre for Clean Air Research (University of Surrey) as well as Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (University of Birmingham) and Transport for London.

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