Global mobility privacy notice

This privacy notice is relevant to current and former staff of the University, who have been placed on global mobility contracts.

Current staff members may also refer to the staff privacy notice which provides more information regarding data and processing practices relating to employment matters. The University is in the process of developing further privacy notices of relevance to current staff, and these will be made available as they are finalised. You should also be given information at any point at which you are asked to provide personal information, so that you understand why and what your applicable rights are.

The University of Surrey is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (our notification number is Z6346945), and we are committed to ensuring that the data we process is handled in accordance with data protection legislation.

We have a Data Protection Officer who can be contacted via

One of our responsibilities is to tell you about the different ways we collect and use your personal data. This statement provides details about these uses. In addition to this statement, you may be given further information about the uses of your personal data when you use certain services offered by the University of Surrey.