Below you will find profiles and contact details for our academic, research and support staff.

Academic staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Payam Barnaghi Reader in Machine Intelligence 01483 683460 09 CII 02
Tim Brown Lecturer in RF Antennas and Propagation 01483 689810 06 CII 01
Haitham Cruickshank Senior Lecturer 01483 686007 02 CII 01
Barry Evans Professorial Research Fellow 01483 689131 17 CII 02
Chuan Heng Foh Senior Lecturer 01483 686016 07 CII 02
Fabien Heliot Lecturer in Wireless Communications 01483 689492 08 CII 02
James Kelly Lecturer in Microwave Antennas 01483 689480 08 CII 01
Yi Ma Reader in Cognitive Communications 01483 683609 07 CII 01
Klaus Moessner Professor in Cognitive Networks 01483 683468 05 CII 01
Konstantinos Nikitopoulos Lecturer (Assistant Prof.) - Signal Processing for Wireless Communications 01483 683423 03 CII 01
Atta ul Quddus Lecturer in Wireless Communications 01483 683787 09 CII 01
Zhili Sun Professor of Communication Networking 01483 689493 16 CII 02
Rahim Tafazolli Head of the Institute for Communication Systems (ICS) 01483 689834 03 CII 02
Ning Wang Reader in Networks 01483 686005 10 CII 01
Pei Xiao Professor of Wireless Communications 01483 689489 14 CII 02

Administrative staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Chris Alais Project Officer 01483 683607 18 CII 02
Sandra Berner PhD Student Administrator 01483 686002 18 CII 02
Jennifer Olivier Administrator/Receptionist 01483 682986 CII 00
Safa Sway ICS Centre Administrator 01483 686012 04 CII 02

Research staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Alireza Ahrabian Research Fellow  
Adegbenga Awoseyila Senior Research Fellow  
Faouzi Bouali Research Fellow  
Francois Carrez Senior Research Fellow 01483 689804 04 CII 01
Suparna De Senior Research Fellow  
Tarek Elsaleh Research Fellow  
Shirin Enshaeifar Research Fellow and Deputy Technical Lead for TIHM Project  
Fariborz Entizami 5G Testbed Manager  
Georgios Georgis Research Fellow  
Stylianos Georgoulas Senior Research Fellow 01483 689488 06 BA 01
Mir Ghoraishi 5G Testbed and Proof-of-Concept Project Leader, Senior Research Fellow 01483 683641 02 CII 02
Seyed Amir Hoseini Tabatabaei Senior Research Fellow  
Jiancao Hou Research Fellow  
Bernard Hunt 5G Programme Manager 01483 686178 15 CII 01
Nauman Iqbal Research Fellow  
Yasin Kabiri Isfahani Research Fellow  
George Kamel Research Fellow  
Moshen Khalily Research Fellow  
Alexandr Kuzminsky Senior Research Fellow  
Haeyoung Lee Research Fellow  
Jia Liu Research Fellow  
Mehdi Molu Research Fellow  
Karim Nasr Research Fellow  
Colin O'Reilly Research Fellow  
Riccardo Pozza Research Fellow  
Yogaratnam Rahulan 5G Software Engineer  
Dionysia Triantafyllopoulou Senior Research Fellow  
Seiamak Vahid Senior Research Fellow 01483 683427 05 CII 02
Serdar Vural Research Fellow  
Jihoon Yang Research Fellow  
Na Yi Senior Research Fellow 01483 684703 02 CII 02
Lei Zhang Research Fellow  

Technical support staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Chris Clark IT Systems Developer 01483 682326 10 CII 00
Alex Jackman IT Officer 01483 686018 10 CII 00

PhD students

Name Role Email
Mahmoud Abdullahi Research Student
Adnan Akbar Research Student
Iman Akbari Research Student
Raja Al Kiyumi Research Student
Marion Allayioti Research Student
Khaled Alqurashi Research Student
Phillip Asuquo Research Student
Alyaa Azini Research Student
Oluwatobi Baiyekusi Research Student
Shihan Bao Research Student
Aijun Cao Research Student
Hongzhi Chen Research Student
Diana Dawoud Research Student
Juan Carlos De Luna Ducoing Research Student
Yasmin Fathy Research Student
Marcin Filo Research Student
Maxime Grau Research Student
Masoud Hassanpour Asheghabadi Research Student
Waleed Hathal Research Student
Chang He Research Student
Roya Hosseini Tehrani Research Student
Christopher Husmann Research Student
Mona Jaber Research Student
David Lake Research Student
Ao Lei Research Student
Nikolaos Loumis Research Student
Samuel Manam Research Student
Juquan Mao Research Student
Farhad Mehran Research Student
Lina Mohjazi Research Student
David Mulvey Research Student
Hira Muzammil Research Student
Chinaemerem Nwankwo Research Student
David Owens Research Student
Daniel Puschmann Research Student
Peng Qian Research Student
Ioannis Selinis Research Student
Sohail Taheri Research Student
Guangyi Wang Research Student
David Wisely Research Student
Wei Yan Research Student
Ting Yang Research Student
Xin Yang Research Student
Adnan Zafar Research Student

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