Current research

We have a wide range of ongoing research projects. If you are interested in taking part, please click on the link of each study or contact the researcher in charge of the project. You can also sign up to our database if you want to be invited to studies and be updated about our findings, or contact our lab to inquire about any of the other projects described here.

Interested in taking part in our research?

Studies with ongoing recruitment

Self-compassion in DCD and dyslexia

This project investigates wellbeing in individuals with DCD/Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and Neurotypical individuals. We are currently looking for participants. 

To take part, click on the following link. For questions, contact Dan Reed, the student in charge of the project:

Supervisors: Dr Judith Gentle, Dr Marie Martel & Dr Debbie Gooch.

Motor learning in adults with DCD

This project investigates how adults with DCD plan movements, and how co-occurring conditions such as ADHD or autism may impact the strategies used. This study involves an online game to play on a laptop, and a few questions about your motor skills. We are currently looking for participants

To take part, click on the following link.

For questions, contact Dr Marie Martel:

Investigators: Dr Marie Martel & Dr Judith Gentle.

Investigating eye movement behaviour during reading in individuals with DCD and Dyslexia

Investigators: Dr Lewis Jayes & Dr Debbie Gooch