Motor Development and Impact Lab

Understanding motor skill and its impact on social, cognitive and health development.

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About us

The Motor Development and Impact (MoDI) Lab was set up to bring together research at the University of Surrey which investigates typical and atypical motor development and its impact across the lifespan on social and cognitive skills, as well as physical and mental health.

This research has focused on typically-developing infants, infants at-risk of autism spectrum disorder, and children and adults with and without developmental coordination disorder (DCD; sometimes known as ‘dyspraxia’).

We use a range of methods, including neuroimaging, physiological measures, motion capture and driving simulator equipment, standardised tests, experimental tasks and questionnaires.

Our mission

The mission of the MoDI Lab is to:

  • Improve our understanding of underlying processes in typical and atypical motor development.
  • Highlight the central role of motor skill in social and cognitive development, health, and key life skills, such as driving.
  • Provide insight into how those with motor difficulties are perceived by others and the impact on their social and educational or work life.
  • Raise awareness amongst parents, educators and clinical professionals of motor difficulties (including DCD) and their effect on other areas of development and health.
  • Work with parents, educators and clinical professionals to improve outcomes across motor, social, cognitive and health outcomes in those with motor difficulties.

Who we are

Dr Judith Gentle

Director of Motor Development and Impact (MoDI) Lab

I completed my BSc. (Hons) in Psychology, Childhood and Ageing at Reading University in 2009. I was then awarded an ESRC Research Studentship in Psychology Quota Award 1+3 at Oxford Brookes University, and went on to complete an MRes degree in Psychological research in 2010. My PhD focused on walking patterns of individuals with and without DCD and was completed in February 2015...

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