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Resources from the National Resource Centre for Dance (NRCD) to support delivery of the A-level Dance specification

The National Resource Centre for Dance has been supporting study of dance in education for over 30 years. This is through courses, publications, in-service training, general enquiries and its archive services. To support the new A-level Dance specification, we have a number of. Please see the details below for further information.

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Area of study Associated set work

COMPULSORY: Rambert Dance Company (formerly Ballet Rambert) 1966–2002

Named practitioners

Richard Alston

Siobhan Davies

Robert North

Ashley Page

Glen Tetley

COMPULSORY: Rooster (Bruce, 1991)


Current resources (online shop)

  • Approaches to Choreography: a Resource Pack based on the work of Christopher Bruce
  • Ashley Page and Soldat Bibliography
  • Ballet Rambert 1965-1975 resource pack
  • Christopher Bruce Choreographer Fact Card
  • Christopher Bruce's Rooster (1991): a dance education resource
  • Pulcinella (Alston, 1987) A Resource Pack
  • Rambert Dance Company (1966-2002): a dance education resource
  • Richard Alston Bibliography
  • Richard Alston Choreographer Fact Card
  • Rooster (Bruce, 1991) Bibliography
  • Rushes: An Analysis of Three Duets (Davies, 1981) – DVD
  • Siobhan Davies Choreographer Fact Card
  • Siobhan Davies (inc Wyoming and White Man Sleeps) Bibliography
  • Siobhan Davies: the Development of a Choreographic Style resource pack
  • Soda Lake (Alston, 1981): A Resource Pack
  • Soda Lake (Alston, 1981) Bibliography
  • Soda Lake (Alston, 1981) DVD
  • Soldat (Page, 1988) A Resource Pack for Teachers


Current resources (online shop)

  • Christopher Bruce Choreographer Fact Card
  • Christopher Bruce's Rooster (1991): a dance education resource
  • Rooster (Bruce, 1991) Bibliography

The origins of American modern dance 1900-1945


Named Practitioners


Isadora Duncan

Loie Fuller

Doris Humphrey

Ruth St Denis

Appalachian Spring (Graham, 1944)

No current resources

Current Resources (online shop)


  • Martha Graham Choreographer Fact Card

The Independent contemporary dance scene in Britain 2000 to current day

Named practitioners

Matthew Bourne

Shobana Jeyasingh

Akram Khan

Hofesh Schecter

Jasmin Vardimon

Sutra (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, 2008)

Current resources (online shop)

  • Akram Khan and Rush (2000) Bibliography
  • Akram Khan Choreographer Fact Card
  • Collection of Reviews and Articles on Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake (1995)
  • Digital Dance Lecture 2 (includes interview with Davies) DVD
  • Faultline (Jeyasingh, 2007) DVD;
  • Matthew Bourne Choreographer  Fact Card
  • Nutcracker (Bourne, 1992) Bibliography
  • Nutcracker! (Bourne, 1992): A Resource Pack
  • Shobana Jeyasingh Bibliography
  • Shobana Jeyasingh Choreographer Fact Card
  • Surface Tension (Jeyasingh, 2000) – DVD
  • Swan Lake (Bourne, 1995) Bibliography
  • Zero Degrees (Khan and Cherkaoui, 2005): A Resource Pack

No current resources



American jazz dance 1940-1975

Named practitioners

Jack Cole

Agnes de Mille

Bob Fosse

Jerome Robbins


Singin’ in the Rain (Donen and Kelly, 1952)

Current Resources (online shop)


  • Jerome Robbins 1918-1998 Choreographer  Fact Card
  • West Side Story and Jerome Robbins Bibliography
  • West Side Story (Robbins, 1961): A Resource Pack

No Current Resources



The Romantic Ballet Period


Named Practitioners:

Filippo Taglioni

Arthur Saint-Léon

August Bournonville


Giselle (Coralli and Perrot, 1841)

No current resources


Current Resources (online shop)


  • Giselle (Coralli/Perrot, 1841; Petipa): A Study Guide
  • Giselle (Coralli/Perrot, Petipa, 1841) Bibliography

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