Published: 09 October 2023

Celebrating four years of the Centre for Britain and Europe: A night of insights and connections

On 9 November, the Centre for Britain and Europe (CBE) will be celebrating its fourth year of excellence with a grand celebration titled "CBE at Four: Celebrating Jean Monnet and Horizon Europe Engagement." at the British Academy in London.

Set against the backdrop of the esteemed British Academy, this event promises to be a convergence of some of the sharpest minds and organisations in the field. The event features several keynote speakers renowned for their remarkable work on European affairs: Professor Jan Zielonka from the University of Oxford, Dr Federica Bicchi from UCL and Professor Amelia Hadfield from the University of Surrey.

The significance of this event goes beyond just a celebration; it's a moment to acknowledge the remarkable collaborations and achievements of the Centre for Britain and Europe as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. But there's more to the story. We will also shine a spotlight on the invaluable work of REDEMOS, an organisation dedicated to supporting Eastern European democracy, and the crucial efforts of Horizon Europe in advancing sustainability practices. All of this has been made possible through the collaboration and support of esteemed partners, including the Department of Politics at the University of Surrey, REDEMOS, Jean Monnet/Erasmus+, ESRC FOSS, and Horizon Europe.

Crucial topics such as European parties and populism, contemporary issues in Eastern Europe will be enriched by the presence of Surrey Professor in Practice Barbara Serra, Professor Daniele Albertazzi, Professor Theofanis Exadaktylos, and Dr. Alia Middleton. 

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