Published: 09 March 2018

Celebrating students’ achievement in biosciences

On 8 February 2018 our School of Biosciences and Medicine hosted a prize giving ceremony for students who achieved excellent marks in the last academic year.

    The winners of the biosciences prizes with Professor David Blackbourn
    The winning students with Professor David Blackbourn


    The ceremony was attended by Professor David Blackbourn, Head of the School of Biosciences and Medicine, who presented certificates and prizes to the well-deserving students.

    Prizes were generously sponsored by a range of external agencies and internal funds. These included:

    • ‘The J Sainsbury Prize’ for outstanding academic achievement in food science and/or nutrition, with high aggregate marks at Level 4
    • ‘The Gordon Hartman Prize’ for achieving the highest marks at Level 4
    • ‘The Biochemistry Founder's Prizes for Written Exposition’ for a combination of excellence in biochemistry and written exposition in 5 modules in practical biochemistry
    • ‘The Fitzpatrick Referrals Veterinary Anatomy Prize’ for the highest mark in the veterinary anatomy and animal handling module in BSc Veterinary Biosciences
    • ‘The Society for Microbiology Prize’ for the best performance in microbiology in their second year, based on assessed microbiological work
    • ‘Miltenyi Biotec Immunology Prize’ for the best performance in immunology at level 5.

    The students who were awarded for their hard work, dedication and outstanding achievement, were:

    The J Sainsbury Prize

    • Anh Phung
    • Gabriella Da Rosa Lau
    • Stephanie Evans
    • Yu-Hsuan Chan
    • Alexandrea Adams

    The Gordon Hartman Prize

    • Thomas Rix
    • Harriett Powe
    • Marie Guadet
    • Zsofia Wolkensdorfer

    The Fitzpatrick Refferals Veterinary Anatomy Prize

    • Alice Ravenscroft

    The Biochemistry Founders Prize for Written Exposition

    • Emma Hobbs
    • Farzana Begum
    • Rabih Cheaib

    Miltenyi Biotec Immunology Prize

    • Sophie Brooks

    Society for Microbiology Prize

    • Emily Sivertsen


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