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Published: 23 October 2018

Dark Matter Day 2018: The hunt continues

The University of Surrey is calling on stargazers of all ages to continue the hunt for dark matter on Monday 29 October.


The University’s Department of Physics is hosting their Dark Matter Day event from 5.30pm until 9pm at the Stag Hill campus. Enthusiasts and those who are just curious will be able to attend a planetarium show, visit the University’s telescope facilities and enjoy lectures given by world leading experts.

This year’s talks will include one that celebrates the three recipients of The Nobel Prize in Physics 2018, Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou and, the first female awarded with the prize, Donna Strickland.

Around 85 per cent of the universe’s total mass is made out of dark matter. It is thought that this elusive element allows galaxies to spin at a faster than expected rate without unravelling. No one is certain what dark matter actually is, whether it is made up of undiscovered particles, or whether it can be explained by tweaking the current laws of physics.

Dr Heather Campbell, Outreach Officer at the University of Surrey, said: “Everyone has had a moment when they have looked to the stars and wondered what is out there – this event is for those who are curious enough to find out the answers to that question and more.

“We are proud that Dark Matter Day has proven to be so popular at Surrey in recent years and we believe that what we have planned this year will make this event better than ever.”

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