Published: 31 January 2023

FHMS Global Think Fund 2022: Case studies

Last year, the Global Think Fund supported a range of impactful initiatives led by staff from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (FHMS) at the University of Surrey. 

These included organising high-profile events and collaborative meetings that enhanced the Faculty’s reputation. The fund also facilitated activities focused on internationalisation training for teaching and research staff, as well as initiatives promoting staff mobility to foster the Faculty’s development. Additionally, funding was allocated for travel to key international events and meetings with direct benefits for the University and the Faculty.  

Anand Ahankari
Dr Anand Ahankari

Shining a spotlight on...

Dr Anand Ahankari, Lecturer in Maternal, Child and Family Health, School of Health Sciences

Project title: What are the risk factors associated with tobacco uptake in Indian adolescents? Analysis of a national database to inform research and collaboration strategies.  

The funding allowed for a collaborative meeting, which served as the catalyst for the activities undertaken in this project. The meeting aimed to investigate tobacco use among Indian adolescents and adults, comprising two main components. Firstly, they conducted analyses of national databases to identify risk factors for tobacco initiation and poly-tobacco consumption. Secondly, they created an educational video to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco. 

A manuscript on poly-tobacco use in India has been submitted for peer-reviewed publication. The video is available on YouTube for educational and research purposes. It received recognition from the Government of Karnataka’s State Tobacco Control Cell, which featured it on their website. Dr Anand Ahankari and Professor Muralidhar Kulkarni (Kasturba Medical College, India) travelled internationally to establish this collaboration. These activities have paved the way for future public health research partnerships between UK and Indian institutes. 

Dr Alison Callwood
Dr Alison Callwood

A visit across the pond!

Dr Alison Callwood, Senior Lecturer in Integrated Care (Midwifery), School of Health Sciences 

Project title: SAMMI® Integration in Canadian Context  

This project enabled travel to Canada for a research collaboration with Dalhousie University and the University of British Columbia. The aim was to co-design SAMMI® – an online interview platform – for the Canadian context and initiate evaluation research. The outcome includes a successful procurement with the University of British Columbia and ongoing collaboration with Dalhousie University for a new use case in midwife selection. The visit significantly contributed to the project's success. 

Benjamin Gardner
Dr Benjamin Gardner

Empowering innovation, inspiring change

Dr Benjamin Gardner, Reader in Psychology, School of Psychology 

Project title: Developing understanding of habit change methods 

This project focused on understanding and breaking 'bad' habits. It funded a two-day workshop with international researchers to establish effective habit-breaking methods. The team is currently preparing their findings for publication and planning a follow-up workshop for practical guidance on habit change. 


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