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Published: 28 September 2023

From galaxies to flood defence: Surrey spinout wins Government funding to innovate fluid modelling

State-of-the-art computational methods developed to understand galaxies are now being used to model problems much closer to home, such as flood defences. 

Morpheus Fluid Ltd, led by Professor Justin Read and Dr Linghan Li from the University of Surrey, has won funding from the UK Government's ICURe programme. The Surrey spinout company builds on more than ten years of award-winning academic research on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods.

Morpheus Fluid Ltd's technology can now be used to digitally model the flow of fluids like air and water and can help businesses design and optimise products in industries as diverse as aerospace and automotive, through to flood defence design and modelling the flow of blood through the body. 

Professor Justin Read said: 

"We've reduced the costs normally associated with fluid dynamics modelling by going meshless. Most software offering the level of accuracy customers need requires the user to first construct a virtual 'grid', or mesh, through which the simulated fluid flows. Our new technology bypasses this time-consuming step yet still gives highly accurate results. It's quicker and cheaper, offering our customers the detailed information they need to check if their designs work effectively." 

Innovate UK's ICURe programme is a pre-accelerator for researchers designed to help explore the commercial application and potential of UK research. The Morpheus team has already benefited from the ICURe Explore programme, that builds confidence that there is a significant market worldwide for their CFD innovations. The ICURe Exploit programme, which Morpheus Fluid is now in, funds the team to develop a business case to launch their spinout early next year.

Morpheus Fluid Ltd is seeking interest from potential commercial partners and customers. If you have a CFD problem and would like to know if Morpheus can help, please reach out to the team to get involved. 

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