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Published: 04 April 2024

Indoor air quality standards needed, say international experts

There should be mandatory indoor air quality standards, say an international group of experts led by Professor Lidia Morawska.  


Professor Morawska, Vice-Chancellor Fellow at the University of Surrey and Distinguished Professor at Queensland University of Technology, led the appeal to the World Health Organization to recognise the airborne transmission of the virus which causes COVID-19 early in the pandemic – and help minimise it.  

Now, in a paper published by the prestigious journal Science, Professor Morawska's international team recommends setting standards for ventilation rate and three key indoor pollutants: carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and PM2.5, which are particles so small they can lodge deep in the lungs and enter the bloodstream. 

People living in urban and industrialised societies spend more than 90% of their time indoors, yet there are few controls over the quality of the air they breathe there. 

The paper ‘Indoor air quality standards in public buildings’ is published in Science.

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