Published: 15 May 2017

Innovate Guildford

The University of Surrey was pleased to have been invited back for this year’s second Innovate Guildford Festival. 

Innovate Guildford, which sits under the Mayor of Guildford’s Innovation theme, is aimed at inspiring young people in a family friendly atmosphere and this year will feature a diverse mix of science and arts activity from a range of exciting organisations including us.

After taking some time to look at all the fabulous activities we do on campus, we selected three to represent us at this year’s event. These were:

  • Physics with Lego Particle Physics and Radioactive Rocks
  • Chemical Engineering with their Science of Superheroes
  • Surrey Space Centre with the Remove Debris project.

Atti Emecz, Acting Vice-Provost Research and Innovation, said: “One of the key tasks for us as a university is to make our research accessible, relevant and understood by the general public."

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of innovators, who we hope will study with us on their journey to the stars.

"I’m confident that these projects will provide a taster of the wonderful things we do at the University.”

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