Published: 26 February 2019

Launching Surrey businesses into space – SMEs invited to SPRINT funding event

The hotspot of the UK’s space industry is holding an event to propel more small businesses into the sector, thanks to the new Space Research and Innovation Network for Technology (SPRINT) initiative.


The event will be held at the Surrey Space Centre on 12 March, from 10am until 2pm, and will showcase the capabilities of the University of Surrey – the birthplace of the ground-breaking RemoveDEBRIS project.

SPRINT is a 3-year, £4.8 million programme that is funding businesses who are developing exciting applications powered by space-sector technologies or satellite applications such as GPS and earth observational imagery and data. SPRINT is funded by Research England and is a partnership between the Universities of Surrey, Leicester, Southampton, Edinburgh and the Open University.

SMEs and start-ups interested in attending are encouraged to register for the event via this link.

Professor Guglielmo Aglietti, Director of the Surrey Space Centre at the University of Surrey, said: “We are looking to build on the long and storied history – plus the recent, exciting developments – of the South East in the space sector. This region has proved itself the epicentre of innovation and ideas; SPRINT aims to foster and nurture this spirit in as many small local businesses as possible.”

Existing recipients of, or applicants for, SPRINT funding cover a wide range of business innovations from the development and manufacture of lightweight satellite antennae to medical and earth observational mapping technologies and applications. UK-based small and medium companies can apply for up to £150,000 of funding to start collaborative projects with relevant academic experts such as the SPRINT partners.

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