Published: 01 September 2017

Particles, Air Quality, Policies and Human Health

Keynote talk delivered by Professor Kumar.

Prof Prashant Kumar, who is Chair in Air Quality and Health and the Director of Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE), delivered an ‘Opening Keynote Talk’ on 'Particles, Air Quality, Policies and Human Health' on the 29th August 2017 at the 3rd CMAS South America Conference on Air Quality in Vitoria, Brazil. The conference included 130 participants from over 10 countries. It is  “intended for researchers and professionals from industry, public and academic sectors from all around the world and everyone who wishes to take part in engineering solutions to maintain and improve the quality of life of populations living in urban and rural areas regarding  air pollution nuisance and health impact”.

Earlier this week, Prof Kumar delivered another talk as an invited speaker on exposure inequalities in urban environments such as London and Sao Paulo at the 2-day NECTAR International Workshop at the School of Public Health, University of Sao Paulo.

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