Published: 05 March 2020

Should AI-generated works be protected as intellectual property?

For many years now, Ryan Abbott, Professor of Law and Health Sciences has been engaging in some fascinating research into the role of technology in law.

Earlier this year Professor Abbott was asked to provide some insight to Thomson Reuters on the current law on AI-generated works and whether AI-generated works should be protected as intellectual property.

In the video filmed for Thomson Reuters, Professor Abbott discusses:

  • What are AI-generated works?
  • Where does the law currently stand?
  • Should AI-generated works enjoy IP protection?
  • Can AI-generated work be genuinely creative or inventive?
  • Advice for practitioners
  • Implications for IP rights
  • Implications for other areas of law.

Regarding Professor Abbott’s feature, Professor Alexander Sarch, Head of School said: "We are excited about Professor Abbott's efforts to reach a broad public audience with his work on Intellectual Property law and AI. With his cutting-edge arguments about law and computer inventorship, he is setting the terms of the debate and posing difficult questions that our legal system must definitively answer for businesses to be able to remain competitive in a quickly changing technology economy."

To watch the video in full, please visit this link.

To access the full video transcript, please visit this link.

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