Published: 21 April 2020

Top jobs with an international relations or public affairs masters degree

Find out what you could do with a masters degree in international relations or public affairs and discover some of the jobs our graduates have secured.

"We aim to provide you with the transferable skills the world’s rapidly evolving workplaces demand. From government to finance, from secret intelligence services to humanitarian non-governmental organisations (NGOs), our masters courses will provide you with the tools you need to understand the drivers of a complex global political and economic environment."

Dr Nick Kitchen, Lecturer in International Relations

Graduate roles

Some of our graduates have gone on to start their careers in the following roles:

International relations

  • Diplomat 
  • Intelligence Analyst 
  • International Aid Coordinator

Public affairs

  • Policy Officer 
  • Political Risk Analyst 

“I appreciate how my course offers different pathways for students wishing to opt out of doing a regular dissertation in favour of an intensive work placement.”

Maresa Strano, MSc International Relations

Related professions

The skills you gain are also highly relevant in other fields, including:

  • Armed forces
  • Investment banking
  • Journalism. 

Many of our graduates go on to complete a PhD, investigating an area of personal interest. 

"At the Department of Politics, we combine engaging classroom techniques with challenging, practical case studies presented by our leading academics and guest speakers. The result is an exciting series of modules across a huge range of relevant topics, allowing our students to graduate into a range of careers, with the best possible understanding of British, European and international affairs."

Professor Amelia Hadfield, Head of Department of Politics

Discover more about our postgraduate international relations and public affairs courses and what it’s like being a student at Surrey.

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