Dr Aaron Axford

Postgraduate Research Student


AARON AXFORD, NIKOLAOS DIKAIOS, David Roberts, CHRISTOPHER CLARK, PHILIP MARK EVANS (2021)An end-to-end assessment on the accuracy of adaptive radiotherapy in an MR-linac, In: Physics in medicine & biology66(5)pp. 055021-055021

To develop and demonstrate an end-to-end assessment procedure for adaptive radiotherapy (ART) within an MR-guided system. A 3D printed pelvic phantom was designed and constructed for use in this study. The phantom was put through the complete radiotherapy treatment chain, with planned internal changes made to model prostate translations and shape changes, allowing an investigation into three ART techniques commonly used. Absolute dosimetry measurements were made within the phantom using both gafchromic film and alanine. Comparisons between treatment planning system (TPS) calculations and measured dose values were made using the gamma evaluation with criteria of 3 mm/3% and 2 mm/2%. Gamma analysis evaluations for each type of treatment plan adaptation investigated showed a very high agreement with pass rates for each experiment ranging from 98.10% to 99.70% and 92.60% to 97.55%, for criteria of 3%/3 mm and 2%/2 mm respectively. These pass rates were consistent for both shape and position changes. Alanine measurements further supported the results, showing an average difference of 1.98% from the TPS. The end-to-end assessment procedure provided demanding challenges for treatment plan adaptations to demonstrate the capabilities and achieved high consistency in all findings.