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A. Ali and M. O. Hasna (2019). Energy Harvesting Schemes for UAV based Communications
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This paper presents two generic charging and transmission schemes to find the trade-off between the altitude of an Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) base station and the acquired harvested energy for maximum coverage area. The first scheme seeks the optimal balance between the coverage area and the harvested energy using simultaneous wireless charging and information transmission (SWCIT). The second scheme proposes time allocation to increase the UAV flying period where multiplexing information transmission and energy harvesting is optimized. Finally, the two schemes are implemented on a real UAV system to verify whether equipping it with energy harvesting technology is practical or not.
A. Ali, A. Massoud, M. O. Hasna, T. Khattab, T. Jabban and M. Aref Nema (2019). Modeling of CubeSat Orientation Scenario and Solar Cells for Internet of Space Provision
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As a cost-effective alternative to traditional satellites, CubeSats have emerged to provide new space experimentation opportunities. The power budgeting of CubeSats is an essential part of the designing process due to the size, weight, and available surface constraints, and hence the total generated power is affected by these constraints. Consequently, there is a considerable need for accurate determination of the received solar irradiation and the required energy storage. This paper presents a study pertinent to CubeSat power budgeting as an Internet of Space provider depending on determining the incident solar irradiation on its sides for Nadir-Orientation Scenario. The electrical power system should guarantee power provision during the CubeSat mission, which typically depends on solar cells conditions such as temperature and irradiation, along with the energy storage system