Dr Bing Guo

Dr Bing Guo

+44 (0)1483 686617
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Areas of specialism

Environmental microbiology; Wastewater treatment ; Interspecies electron transfer; Antimicrobial resistance; Microbial ecology; Anaerobic digestion; Resource recovery

University roles and responsibilities

  • CEE UG Admission
  • Athena Swan SAT
  • Women's Engineering Society academic support for student group

    My qualifications

    McGill University
    Postdoc fellow
    University of Alberta; Delft University of Technology

    Affiliations and memberships

    EPSRC Peer Review Associate College
    International Water Association IWA
    Women's Engineering Society


    Research interests

    Research projects

    Prospective students and post-docs


    Academic Activities

    Conference organising activities

    • EBNet ECR conference scientific comittee, session chair. Online. June 2021
    • Conference Coordinator and Session Chair, 11th Western Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research. 10 May 2019. Edmonton, Canada
    • Workshop on Illumina high-throughput sequencing data analysis, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, 2019
    • Co-chair, International Water Association (IWA) ecoSTP18 Conference Workshop on Advances in system microbiology to inform modelling and operation of nutrient recovery and removal processes. June 2018. London, Ontario, Canada
    • Workshop on Bioinformatics for high-throughput sequencing of environmental samples, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 2018
    • University representative, New England Graduate Student Water Symposium, 2017-2018
    • Session Chair, New England Graduate Student Water Symposium. September 2017. Amherst, MA, USA.


    Postgraduate research supervision

    My teaching

    My publications


    For full publication list, please visit my Google Scholar page or ResearchGate page.

    2021 (#27-43)

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