Cecile Guillaume

Dr Cecile Guillaume

Reader in Organisation Studies and SBS Director of internationalisation


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Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Academic member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development


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G. Kirton, CECILE GUILLAUME (2022)Walking a fine line’: union perspectives on partnership in nursing and midwifery workplaces, In: Economic and industrial democracy
Cécile Guillaume, Vincent-Arnaud Chappe (2021)Mobilizing Employment Discrimination Law. The Litigation Strategies of British and French Trade Unions Compared, In: Journal of Law and Society Wiley

Based on cross-national comparative research conducted in France and the UK, this article explores to what extent and under what conditions trade unions situated in different legal systems have turned to the courts to challenge discrimination at work. It investigates the interplay between a broad range of structural factors that offer specific opportunities, and the way trade unionists interpret contexts to promote legal mobilisation in addition to or in place of other repertoires of action. In so doing, it contributes to the understanding of employment discrimination law enforcement and the role of micro-level actors in enabling litigation strategies.

This book explores the representation of women and their interests in the world of work across four trade unions in France and the UK. Drawing on case studies of the careers of 100 activists and a longitudinal study of the trade unions' struggle for equal pay in the UK, it unveils the social, organizational, and political conditions that contribute to the reproduction of gender inequalities or, on the contrary, allow the promotion of equality. Guillaume’s nuanced evaluation is a call to redefine the role of trade unions in the delivering of gender equality, contributing to broader debates on the effectiveness of equality policies and the enforcement of equality legislation.

Cécile Guillaume, Sophie Pochic (2021)Understanding the underrepresentation of women in union leadership roles: the contribution of a career methodology, In: Handbook of Research Methods on Gender and Managementpp. 249-264 Edward Elgar Publishing

This chapter argues that a methodology based on the interactionist concept of career offers an innovative research design for understanding the (un)making of women's underrepresentation in union leadership positions. Drawing on a comparative research project that investigated four unions in France and the UK, it presents and illustrates this methodology. It investigates how different institutional, organizational and individual processes shape union careers and contribute to the reproduction of inequality regimes within trade unions, while unveiling the conditions, including individual agency and equality policies, that have enabled progress to be made in some unions.

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