Damiete Emmanuel-Yusuf, Research Fellow in Transitions

Dr Damiete Emmanuel-Yusuf

Research Fellow in Sustainability Transitions



Research interests

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Damiete Emmanuel-Yusuf and Walter Wehrmeyer (2023) The SLES Pathway Guide: Navigating drivers, barriers and action plans
Damiete Emmanuel-Yusuf and Walter Wehrmeyer (2022) Pathways for the upscaling of smart local energy systems.
Evelina Trutnevyte, John Barton, Áine O'Grady, Damiete Ogunkunle, Danny Pudjianto, and Elizabeth Robertson (2014) Linking a storyline with multiple models: A cross-scale study of the UK power system transition. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2014. 89(0): p. 26-42.
Robertson Elizabeth, O'Grady Áine, Barton John, Galloway Staurt, Emmanuel-Yusuf Damiete, Leach Matthew, Hammond Geoff, Thompson Murray, Foxon, Tim (2013) Reconciling qualitative storylines and quantitative descriptions: An iterative approach. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2013, 118, p. 293-306
Barton John, Huang Sikai, Infield David, Leach Matthew, Ogunkunle Damiete, Torriti Jacopo and Thomson Murray (2013) The evolution of electricity demand and the role for demand side participation, in buildings and transport. Energy Policy, 2013. 52(0): p. 85-102.
Sinclair Philip, Ogunkunle Damiete, Sadhukhan, Jhuma and Leach Matthew (2011) Demand analysis for sustainable polygeneration applications: a participatory workshop. Invited paper.