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David Andrew Griffiths

Wellcome Trust University Award Research Fellow
+44 (0)1483 682617
24 AD 04



After completing my PhD at Cardiff University, I moved to the University of Surrey to begin a Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship, working on a recent social history of the shifting landscape of treatment and care (medical and non-medical) in the UK for people born with intersex variations/atypical sex anatomies.

Research interests

My research interests lie around the question of nature vs. nurture in science and society, particularly from queer and feminist perspectives. Previous work includes critical analysis of "gay gene" discourses; feminist responses to sociobiology; animal studies, evolution, symbioses and ecologies; and the biopolitics of viruses.

Research collaborations

I am currently collaborating with Professor Peter Hegarty from the School of Psychology on the Wellcome Trust University Award, Intersex in the UK: A History for the Age of Consensus.