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SGS: Sex, Gender and Sexualities Research Centre

We are a diverse group of scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Our aim is to promote multi- and inter-disciplinary scholarship, knowledge exchange and public engagement around issues of sex, gender and sexualities through projects, performances and activism.

Who we are

Professor Andrew King


I am Head of Department and Professor of Sociology here at Surrey. I am Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Ageing and Generations (CRAG), the Centre of Excellence on Ageing (CEA) and I also Co-Chair SGS (the Sex, Gender and Sexualities Research Group at Surrey). From 1st Aug 2024 I will be leading the University of Surrey Economic and Social Research Council Impact A...

Professor Diane Watt


I am Professor of English and Creative Writing and Co-Director of SGS (the Sex, Gender and Sexualities Research Centre). My main research and teaching interests are in the areas of medieval literature, women's writing, gender and sexuality and creative nonfiction. With Liz Herbert McAvoy and Michelle M. Sauer, I am joint Editor-in-Chief of The Palgrave Encyclopedi...