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Forthcoming Event: SGS Research Showcase: A Historical Journey in Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Research
We are are excited to organise an SGS Research Showcase Event. The event will take place on Wednesday, February 21st at 2.00 PM, OAK suite. and will be co-hosted by Oscar Hoyle from LGBT Blossom. Members of SGS will have the chance to show the fantastic range of research we do in SGS and Oscar will present the work LGBT Blossom does.

  • 2.00. Teresa Pilgrim - Female masculinities and the environment in early mediaeval texts, 700-1000 
  • 2.15. Lena Mattheis - Queer pronoun use in literature 
  • 2.30. Katherine Hubbard - History of aversion therapy/queer feminist history in psychology 
  • 2.45. Chigozirim Miracle Nwaosu - Afro-queerness and migration in Helon Habila's Travellers and Jude Dibia's Walking with Shadows 
  • 3.00. Fabio Fasoli – Voice-based intersectionality, the case of nationality and sexual orientation
  • 3.15. Oscar Hoyle - LGBT Blossom 
  • 3.30. David Griffiths - Intersex storytelling 
  • 3.45. Giulia Berlusconi - Men who pay for sexual services in England & Wales 
  • 4.00. final remark