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SGS Podcast

SGS Podcast

The SGS Podcast is created by the Sex, Gender and Sexualities research centre at the University of Surrey.

Each episode introduces the current research of academics and postgraduate students in the university to listeners, both on campus and beyond.

The series is produced by Matt Hall and Sarah Wingrove, with music by Gabriel Swarbrick.

Available on Spotify.

Click here for the most recent podcast with Diane Watt on the life of Margaret Paston.

Episodes include:

  • Historiographic metadrama and feminist retellings
  • Domestic violence prevention and gender equality
  • Locating queerness in literature and space
  • Health, illness and aging masculinities
  • The queer literature of Henry James
  • Gendered aviation crew
  • New fatherhood and mental health
  • The Disney princess phenomenon.