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Dr Dimitris Asimakoulas

Deputy Director (Centre for Translation Studies) Programme Director (MRes in Translation and Interpreting Studies)
+44 (0)1483 689913
11 LC 03
Tuesdays 16:00-17:00 and Wednesdays 12:00-13:00



As an undergraduate student of English at the University of Athens I was drawn enough to the subject of translation to later pursue postgraduate studies in this field. I obtained an MSc (with distinction) and a doctorate degree from the University of Manchester after securing a PhD scholarship from the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation and a stipend from the Language Engineering Department at UMIST. Before joining Surrey in 2006 I worked as a corpus assistant for the Translational English Corpus (CTIS Manchester), as a research associate for a poetry translation project (Newcastle University) and as a part-time Greek translation lecturer (University of Salford).

Currently I serve as Deputy Director (Centre for Translation Studies) and Programme Director (MRes in Translation and Interpreting Studies)

Research interests

The underlying thread in my research is the premise that translation is a form of creative rewriting that occurs at specific moments in time. As such, it sheds light on how identity is mediated across language barriers, time, and media. To date, I have been an examiner for eleven PhD theses (four as internal and seven as external examiner); I am also a reviewer for the Research Grants Council (Hong Kong). As a result of my research activity, I occasionally serve as member of (international) validation panels for MA programmes, interview panels for new appointments and teams for training projects (e.g. subtitling).

Current research: My current research focuses on comic book adaptations for children, humour as a coping/mediation technique in translation, the role of translation is social movements, gender performativity in subtitled filmic discourse and translated dialogue in comic books.

Earlier research: In my doctoral research I examined issues of social agency, publication trends and censorship. Brecht's poetry collections, political essays and plays published under the Greek dictatorship served as exemplars of how translation can be pressed to the service of protest.

PhD Supervision (principal supervisor)Konstantina Georgiou. Modern Greek Poetry in English Translation and Reader Response: A Comparative Study.Eleni Karvounidou. Translation of Children's Literature in the Soviet Union: Translating Alice's Adventures in Wonderland into Russian.Laura Martinez. The Foreign Editions Department at Usborne Publishing: Translating Children's Literature for the Italian market.Giacinto Palmieri. Self-Translation Of 'Material' In The Practice Of Bilingual Stand-Up Comedians: Theory, Analysis And Social Function.Shasha Zhang. Exporting the “Real” China: The Study of Dubbed Chinese Documentaries from the Perspective of Culture and Ideology.

PhD Supervision (co-supervisor)Dimitris Bogiatzis. The Use of Historiographic Metafiction in the Novel Free Spirit, a Novel Based on Nikos Kazantzakis' Conflict with the Greek Orthodox Church.Jaleh Delphani. Investigating the Impact of Censorship on the Strategies Applied in Subtliting Animation From English into Persian.Completed ThesesArtemis Lamprinou. A Study of the Cultural Variations in the Expression of Basic Emotions in British English to Greek Translations of Contemporary Bestseller Romances. (awarded 2012)Sara Dicerto. From Multimodal Translation To 'Multimodal Pragmatics': Developing A Theoretical Framework For The Study Of Multimodal Translation. (awarded 2015)Selin Kayhan. A Bourdieusian Perspective on Translators In Turkey: Examining The Role Of Socio-Economic, Cultural And Political Environment. (awarded 2015)Michelle Wu. Michelle Wu. The translation of Taiwanese Tongzhi and Ku-er literature. (awarded 2015)

Katerina Perdikaki. Adaptation As Translation: Examining Film Adaptation as a Recontextualised Act of Communication. (awarded 2016)

Athil Farhan. Investigating Pragmatic Implications Of Presidential Speeches After The Arab Spring And Their Translation: A Corpus-Based Study. (awarded 2017)


I teach the following undergraduate and postgraduate modules:

  • TRA3036 “Translation Issues” (final-year undergraduate module)
  • TRAM058 “Translation of Persuasive Texts” (MA module)
  • TRAM178 “Translating Cultures” (MA module)
  • TRAM411 “Issues in Literary Translation” (MA module)

In addition to my general teaching and programme-related duties, I also have the following administrative duties in the School of Literature and Languages that complement these roles: Subject Leader (Translation), Postgraduate Exams Officer, Exchange Student Co-ordinator (Occasional Students), PhD Admissions Co-ordinator (Translation), studentship evaluation panel member for scholarships awarded by the Faculty and the AHRC (TECHNE).

Supervision Interests

My supervision interests on postgraduate and research level include the following:

  • Humour theory
  • Translation of multimodal cultural products (audiovisual programmes, comics, adverts)
  • Translation and cultural policy-making/questioning
  • Translation history
  • Translation and social movements
  • Translation as intercultural mediation


I am a member of the editorial board for New Voices in Translation and I have been a reviewer for the following publishing houses/journals active in the area of translation: Routledge, Palgrave McMillan, Alif, Intralinea, JosTrans, Meta, Synthesis, The Translator.

I am a member of the Modern Greek Studies Association

Supervision Interests

My supervision interests on postgraduate and research level include the following:

  • Humour theory
  • Translation as intercultural mediation
  • Translation of advertisements/tourism
  • Paratextual elements
  • Translation agency/ideology
  • Cultural policy-making/questioning
  • Translation history
  • Translation and social movements

My publications


Books:2011 Co-editor (with Margaret Rogers). Translation and Opposition. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. More information and table of contents.

Articles in refereed journals:

(in preparation) “Translation as (Mis)Understanding: Albanian Migrant Literature in Greek.” (under consideration) “Migrant Bitter Wit: Translating a Coping Mechanism in Gazmend Kapllani's Μικρό Ημερολόγιο Συνόρων.” New Voices in Translation.2012 “Dude (Looks Like a Lady): Hijacking Transsexual Identity in the Subtitled Version of Strella by Panos Koutras.” The Translator 18(1): 45-75.2009 “Translating 'Self' and 'Others': Waves of Protest Under the Greek Junta.” The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics, and Culture 2(1): 25-47.2009 “Framing Brecht and the Greek Student Movement (1972-1973).” Meta 52(2): 233-247.2007 “Translation as Social Action: Brecht's Political Texts in Greek.” TTR: Traduction, Terminologie, Rédaction 20(1): 113-140.2006 “Fear and Misery of the Third Reich… and the Greek Junta” Special issue of Norwich Papers: The Role of Translation in National and Global Contexts Volume 14: 41-56.2005 “Brecht in Dark Times. Translations of His Works Under the Greek Junta (1967-1974).” Target 17(1): 93-110.2004 “Towards a Model of Describing Humour Translation. A Case Study of the Greek Subtitled Versions of Airplane! and Naked Gun.” Meta 49(4): 822-842.2002 Book review article (with Jeroen Vandaele). “Techniques of Satire: the Case of Saltykov-Scedrin (Emil Draitser), Linguistic Theories of Humour (Salvatore Attardo), The Sense of Humour: Explorations of a Personality Characteristic (Willibald Ruch), Jokes and their Relations to Society (Christie Davies), Humorous Texts: A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis (Salvatore Attardo), The Basic Humour Process: A Cognitive Shift Theory and the Case Against Incongruity (Robert Latta).” Special Issue of The Translator. Translating Humour 8(2): 424-441.

Chapters in edited works:2011 “Systems and the Boundaries of Agency: Translation as a Site of Opposition.” In Dimitris Asimakoulas and Margaret Rogers (eds) Translation and Opposition. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 1-36.2009 “Rewriting.” In Mona Baker and Gabriela Saldanha (eds) Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies. London and New York: Routledge, 241-246.2006 “Translation as a Means of Resistance: Paratexts in Translations of Brecht's Works Under the Greek Junta (1967-1974).” In Sameh Fekry Hanna (ed.). The CTIS Occasional Papers III. Manchester: The University of Manchester, 78-103.2002 “Subtitling Humour and the Humour of Subtitling.” In Keith Harvey (ed.). The CTIS Occasional Papers II. Manchester: The University of Manchester, 71-84.

Sample conferences and presentations

11.01.2012Imperial College London. Invited speaker: Department of Humanities - “Strategies of Cultural Translation in Migrant Literature.”14.03.2011Kings College London. Invited speaker: Centre for Hellenic Studies Seminars - “Fear and Misery of the Greek Junta. Translation as an Interface of Cultural Protest”

22-24.04.2010New York University. The Fifth Biennial Conference of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA). 'The Sociological Turn In Translation and Interpreting Studies', New York. “Waves of Protest and Translation”06.10-10.10.2008Guest speaker at Hennan Normal University and Xinyang University. Series of talks: “Norms in Translation”, “Academic Writing for Translation Students: When in Rome do as the Romans Do”, “The Many Faces of Advertisement Translation”, “Censorship, Social Movements and Translation: Greece under the Colonels (1967-1974)”, “Translating the Familiar and the Quaint: Tourism”15-17.05.2008Universidad de León. I Congreso Internacional de Censura y Traducción: Receptión Textual en la Europa del Sur/First Conference on Censorship and Translation: Text Reception in Southern Europe, León. “Poetry in Dark Times. Brecht and the Greek Junta”22.11.2007University of Oxford. Guest speaker - Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages and Literature. “Framing Social Movements and Translation”19.10.2007University of Yale. Invited contributor to the panel on the Greek junta. The 20th Modern Greek Studies Association Symposium. “Fear and Misery of the Greek Junta: Framing Brecht under the Colonels”