Dongtao Liu, Deying Luo, Affan N Iqbal, Kieran W. P Orr, Tiarnan A. S Doherty, Zheng-Hong Lu, Samuel D Stranks, Wei Zhang (2021)Strain analysis and engineering in halide perovskite photovoltaics, In: Nature materials20pp. 1337-1346 Nature Research

Halide perovskites are a compelling candidate for the next generation of clean-energy-harvesting technologies owing to their low cost, facile fabrication and outstanding semiconductor properties. However, photovoltaic device efficiencies are still below practical limits and long-term stability challenges hinder their practical application. Current evidence suggests that strain in halide perovskites is a key factor in dictating device efficiency and stability. Here we outline the fundamentals of strain within halide perovskites relevant to photovoltaic applications and rationalize approaches to characterize the phenomenon. We examine recent breakthroughs in eliminating the adverse impacts of strain, enhancing both device efficiencies and operational stabilities. Finally, we discuss further challenges and outline future research directions for placing stress and strain studies at the forefront of halide perovskite research. An extensive understanding of strain in halide perovskites is needed, which would allow effective strain management and drive further enhancements in efficiencies and stabilities of perovskite photovoltaics.