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Prof Gianne Derks

By appointment

Academic and research departments

Department of Mathematics.



I graduated as an "Ingenieur in Mathematics" at the Technical University of Eindhoven in 1988 and I got my PhD from the University of Twente in 1992. In 1993/94 I was awarded a NATO Research Fellowship to do research at the University of California Santa Cruz and the MSRI in Berkeley. In the following year 1994/95, I was a Research Fellow at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. In 1995, I started at the University of Surrey and I am currently a Professor in the Department of Mathematics.

Research interests

  • Hamiltonian systems (ODEs and PDEs) with perturbations like dissipation and/or forcing;
  • Dissipation induced instability;
  • Inhomogeneous wave equations;
  • Stability and instability of travelling waves and front solutions, for example for (semi)-kinks in Josephson junctions or ionization waves in gas discharges;
  • Multi-symplectic systems;
  • Mathematical models in pharmacology, toxicology and metabolism (including pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics and physiology based dynamical models);
  • Cycles in sleep-wake models, endocrinology;
  • Wave dynamics in DNA-RNAP interactions;
  • I'm a member of the LMS sponsored Network on Applied Geometric Mechanics;
  • I'm on the editorial board of the Journal of Geometric Mechanics.

Further details can be found on my personal web page.


In 2014/15 I am lecturing the following module:

  • MAT2007 Ordinary Differential equationsfor level 2 Mathematical Studies students in Semester 1 2014.

Some suggestions for final year projects or literature reviews can be found here.

Departmental duties

Director Mathematics PhD Studies Programme;Deputy Head of Department;FEPS Deputy Director of PG Research;FEPS Life Sciences Theme Leader;Head of Biosystems Group.

My publications


A full list of my publications and pre-prints can be found on my personal web page.