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Dr Kourosh Ahmadi

Reader in Nutritional Sciences
+44 (0)1483 684502
19 AY 03

Academic and research departments

School of Biosciences and Medicine.



I graduated with an honours degree in Biochemistry from Imperial College, followed by an MSc in Epidemiology & Public Health from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and a PhD in population genetics from King's College London (2002). My professional employment started with post-doctoral training at University College London, followed by academic positions, first as a fellow and then as a senior lecturer at Kings College London. I started my employment as a Reader in Nutritional Genomics at the university of Surrey in November 2012.

Research interests

My research focuses on the molecular characterisation of the causes, characteristics and consequences of variable disposition and response to B-vitamins and 1-Carbon Metabolism with the over-arching goal of improving primary and secondary prevention and risk-management strategies for common ageing diseases, most notably age-associated cognitive decline and dementia.

Research collaborations

I collaborate extensively both nationally (Imperial College, Kings College London, University of Oxford etc) and internationally (University of Oslo, Harvard Medical School, University of Rotterdam etc).


I currently teach on the following modules within the Nutrition and Nutrition and Dietetics BSc degrees:

  • Advances in Nutrition: Health & Disease (BMS3067):
    • B-vitamins: focus on vitamins B2, B6, B9, B12
    • One-carbon metabolism: homocysteine in health & disease
  • Fundamentals of Human Nutrition (MNH01):
    • B-vitamins - A Primer
    • Folate: Homocysteine Metabolism
  • Molecular Nutrition (MHN06):
    • Fundamentals of Human Genetics
    • Vitamins and Gene Expression
  • Nutrition and Ageing (NutMed: Module 7):
    • Nutritional influences on dementia and AD
  • Principles of Applied Nutrition and Epidemiology (NutMed: Module 2):
    • Introduction
  • Nutrition Research Methodology (MHN05)

I also organise two modules:

  • Human Nutrition MSc: Module 5 (MHU05) Nutrition Research Methodology
  • Nutritional Medicine MSc: Module 2 - Principles of Applied Nutrition and Epidemiology

Departmental duties

  • Project coordinator for Nutritional Medicine (MSc)
  • Organisation of monthly Journal club


Member of the following societies:

  • American Society of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
  • American Society of Nutrition & Nutrigenomics
  • Royal Society of Science
  • Universities in the Knowledge Society
  • Royal Geographic Society
  • American Society of Human Genetics

My publications


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