Leander Wyss

Leander Wyss

Postgraduate Research Student

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Department of Mathematics.


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Juan Nieto Garcia, Alessandro Torrielli, Leander Wyss (2020)Boost generator in AdS3 integrable superstrings for general braiding, In: Journal of High Energy Physics Springer Verlag

In this paper we find a host of boost operators for a very general choice of coproducts in AdS3- inspired scattering theories, focusing on the massless sector, with and without an added trigonometric deformation. We find that the boost coproducts are exact symmetries of the R-matrices we construct, besides fulfilling the relations of modified Poincar´e-type superalgebras. In the process, we discover an ambiguity in determining the boost coproduct which allows us to derive differential constraints on our R-matrices. In one particular case of the trigonometric deformation, we find a non-coassociative structure which satisfies the axioms of a quasi-Hopf algebra.

Juan Miguel Nieto García, Alessandro Torrielli, Leander Wyss (2021)Boosts superalgebras based on centrally-extended su(1|1)2, In: Journal of geometry and physics164104172 Elsevier

In this paper, we studied the boost operator in the setting of su(1|1)2. We find a family of different algebras where such an operator can consistently appear, which we classify according to how the two copies of the su(1|1)2 interact with each other. Finally, we construct coproduct maps for each of these algebras and discuss the algebraic relationships among them.