Dr Mark J. Whiting

Senior Lecturer in Metallic Materials, Director of the MSc in Advanced Materials


Research Interests

  • Additive Manufacture of Metals and Alloys
  • Physical and chemical processes that occur at metal/metal and metal/ceramic interfaces.
  • Monofilament reinforced titanium composites
  • The role of interfaces in phase transformations.
  • Electron microscopy as a tool for studying interfaces and microstructure. In particular electron diffraction in both TEM and SEM (EBSD).

Key Topic Areas

  • Additive manufacture of structural alloys. Especially Laser Sintering and Wire Arc Additive Manufacture of light alloys.
  • The nature and behaviour of glass/ceramic-to-metal seal interfaces.
  • The microstructure and manufacture of titanium matrix composites.
  • The role of phase transformations and interfaces in advanced commercial manufacturing processes.
  • Thermal contact conductance of turbo-machinery alloys.

Research Collaborations

Industrial partners and sponsors include:

  • Archer Technicoat (ATL)
  • AWE
  • Corewire
  • Lockheed Martin UK
  • NPL
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Surrey Space Centre
  • TWI

Professional Activities

Professional Activities

• Variously Chairman, Secretary and Member, Materials Section Committee, Royal Microscopical Society (2001 - 2014).• Electron Microscopy Standards Committee, BSI (2007 - 2010).• Structure of Materials Committee, Institute of Materials (1998 - 2007).

Current Research Programmes

  • Developing and exploiting plasma focused ion beam (P-FIB) and EBSD as tools for materials characterisationAdditive manufacture of high-strength aluminium alloys by arc processes
  • Additive manufacture of alloys for aerospace and nuclear applications
  • Optimising the manufacture of titanium matrix composites
  • Development of a new process for SiC monofilament production
  • The development of novel commercial processes for the rapid deposition of protective coatings
  • Nanoindentation as a tool for microstructure-property evaluation

My publications


Yates P, Mallinson C, Mallinson P, Whiting MJ and Yeomans JA. (2017) 'An Investigation into the Nature of the Oxide Layer Formed on Kovar (Fe-29Ni-17Co) Wires Following Oxidation in Air at 700 °C and 800 °C'. Oxidation of Metals, forthcoming (2017).doi: 10.1007/s11085-017-9772-y

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