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Matt Spick

Postgraduate Research Student

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Department of Chemistry.

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Bingham Nathaniel M., Nisa Qamar-un, Chua Sophie H.L, Fontugne Lea, Spick Matt P., Roth Peter J. (2020)Thioester-functional Polyacrylamides: Rapid Selective Backbone Degradation Triggers Solubility Switch Based on Aqueous LCST/UCST, In: ACS Applied Polymer Materials2(8)pp. 3440-3449 ACS Publications
Spick Matt, Bingham Nathaniel, Li Yuman, De Jesus Janella, Costa Catia, Bailey Melanie, Roth Peter Fully Degradable Thioester-functional Homo- and Alternating Copolymers Prepared through Thiocarbonyl Addition–Ring-opening RAFT Radical Polymerization, In: Macromolecules American Chemical Society