Dr Mikolaj Firlej

Lecturer in AI Law and Regulation
D.Phil., M.Phil., and MPP, University of Oxford; MA, BA, University of Warsaw


Areas of specialism

AI Security and Safety; Ethics and regulation of AI; Innovation in Defense and Intelligence Sectors; Complex Adaptive Systems and Spontaneous Theory

University roles and responsibilities

  • Director, Law and Tech Hub


    In the media

    How to Address the Innovation Adoption Problem in Defense - with Mr. Mikolaj Firlej
    How to Address the Innovation Adoption Problem in Defense


    Postgraduate research supervision



    • ‘Stakeholder Primacy as New Institutional Framework for Entrepreneurial Market Process’, Social Coordination and Public Policy: Explorations in Theory and Practice, Lexington Books, 2022 (forthcoming)
    • ‘The Problematisation of Human Control over Lethal Autonomous Weapons – A Case Study of the US Department of Defense’, Regulating Artificial Intelligence in Industry, Routledge 2021.
    • ’Regulating Human Control over Autonomous Systems’, Special Issue of Regulation & Governance Journal, John Wiley & Sons, 2020.
    • ‘Digital Foresight 2035: 12 scenarios for Poland’ (in Polish: Foresight cyfrowy 2035 12 scenariuszy dla Polski), report by Polish Economic Institute, 2019.
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    • ‘Impact Investing in Poland?’, edited collection by Mikolaj Sieniecki Institute, 2020.
    • ‘Law of spontaneous order – Hayekian concept of regulation’, The Archive for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Warsaw, 2012.