Mirco Di Gioia


My research project


M. Di Gioia, J. Gutowski (2022)Supersymmetric dS4 solutions in D = 11 supergravity, In: The journal of high energy physics2022214 Springer Berlin Heidelberg

The necessary and sufficient conditions for warped product dS4 solutions in D = 11 supergravity to be supersymmetric are determined. The Killing spinor is associated with two possible stabilizer groups, SU(3) and G2. We show that there are no solutions to the Killing Spinor equations in the G2 stabilizer case. For the SU(3) stablilzer case, all of the conditions imposed from supersymmetry on the 4-form flux, and the geometry of the internal manifold, are determined in terms of SU(3) invariant spinor bilinears.