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Dr Mohammad Abediankasgari

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Shadi Danesh, Amirmasood Bagheri, MOHAMMAD ABEDIANKASGARI, MOHSEN KHALILY (2022)A Compact Dual polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless Applications

—A dual-polarized dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) is investigated and discussed. The probe and microstrip feed line excite linear polarization (LP) and broadside circular polarization (CP), respectively. These different radiation patterns are obtained 43 % overlapping bandwidth. The measured results show that the antenna provides 43 % bandwidth, excited by probe feed line that produces linearly polarized and 74 % impedance bandwidth using microstrip feed line with the 18 % circularly polarized. The total overlapping bandwidth is 43 % starting from 8.65 GHz to 13.44 GHz. The antenna gain is between 3.4 and 5.2 dBi for linear polarized and between 2.8 and 5.1 dBi for circularly polarized patterns in the whole covered range.

Mohammad Abediankasgari, Mohsen Khalily, Shadi Danesh, Pei Xiao, Rahim Tafazolli (2020)Reconfigurable Dielectric Resonator Antenna Using an Inverted U-shaped Slot, In: Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Networks, Computers and Communications (ISNCC'20) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

A novel reconfigurable dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) employed a T-Shaped microstrip-fed structure in order to excite the dielectric resonator is presented. By carefully adjusting the location of the inverted U-shaped slot, switches, and length of arms, the proposed antenna can support WLAN wireless system. In addition, the presented DRA can be proper for cognitive radio because of availability switching between wideband and narrowband operation. The proposed reconfigurable DRA consisting of a Roger substrate with relative permittivity 3 and a size of 20 mm × 30 mm × 0.75 mm and a dielectric resonator (DR) with a thickness of 9 mm and the overall size of 18 mm × 18 mm. Moreover, the antenna has been fabricated and tested, which test results have enjoyed a good agreement with the simulated results. As well as this, the measured and simulated results show the reconfigurability that the proposed DRA provides a dual-mode operation and also three different resonance frequencies as a result of switching the place of arms.

Matthew Bridges, Mohsen Khalily, Mohammad Abediankasgari, Demos Serghiou, Pei Xiao, Rahim Tafazolli (2020)High Isolation 8×8 MIMO Antenna Design for 5G Sub-6 GHz Smartphone Applications, In: 2020 International Conference on UK-China Emerging Technologies (UCET)

In this paper, an 8×8 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna design for Fifth Generation (5G) sub- 6GHz smartphone applications is presented. The antenna elements are based off a folded quarter wavelength monopole that operate at 3.4-3.8GHz. Isolation between antenna elements is provided through physical distancing. The fabricated antenna prototype outer casing is made from Rogers R04003C with dimensions based on future 5G enabled phones. Measured results show an operating bandwidth of 3.32 to 3.925GHz (S11 < 6dB) with a transmission coefficient < -14.7dB. A high total efficiency for an antenna array is also obtained at 70-85.6%. The design is suitable for MIMO communications exhibited by an Envelope Correlation Coefficient (ECC) < 0.014. To conclude a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) model has been constructed and presented showing the user’s effects on the antenna’s Sparameter results. Measurements of the amount of power absorbed by the head and hand during operation have also been simulated.