Dr Moses Langat

Visiting Research Fellow of Chemistry

Academic and research departments

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.



Dr. Moses K. Langat was born in Kenya and attended Kapkatet and Olenguruone DEB schools before joining Litein High. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Education (Chemistry/Mathematics) from Egerton University, Kenya in 2002 followed by a distinction for the Master in Chemistry (organic and natural products option) at the same institution in 2005. Dr. Langat carried out his MSc research work at the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya under the Supervision of Prof. Peter K. Cheplogoi on the use of plant based synergists for pyrethrins. Dr. Langat joined Prof. Dulcie A. Mulholland at the University of KwaZulu Natal in August 2005 and accompanied Prof. Mulholland to the University of Surrey in January 2006 for his PhD. His PhD was on the phytochemistry of three African Croton species. After his PhD, Dr. Langat was employed as a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Mulholland's group from June 2009 to work on the EU funded FORESTSPECS project. Dr. Langat works closely with Prof. Mulholland being a senior research scientist in her Natural Products Research Group. Dr. Langat actively engages in community projects and leads efforts to improve teaching and learning in Kenya's institutions. Through his efforts the Nishkam Centre, GNNSJ, Birmingham has donated educational materials to primary schools in Kenyan counties. He has also acted as mentor and role model for Afro-Carribean students in Guildford schools.

Research interests

His main research focuses on the discovery of novel drugs or drug leads from African traditional medicinal plants and their determination of absolute stereostructures using electronic circular dichroism. His main focus is on the phytochemistry of Croton plants. Dr. Langat co-supervises PhD, MSc and final year undergraduate students in the Department. He also co-supervises two PhD students at the University of Nairobi. Dr. Langat manages the Natural Products Research Group that is headed by Prof. Mulholland. The group regularly receives visitors from Malaysia, Cameroon, Kenya and Iraq. He has published about 20 papers and 1 patent.


Dr. Langat is responsible in the teaching of Spectroscopic Analysis of Organic Compounds (CHE3043 and CHEM025) and organic chemistry practicals (BMS1033).

Awards and research visits

Dr. Langat was awarded with the 2013 Academic Achiever of the annual UK-Kenya Achievers Award in recognition of his research work (http://www.london2gether.com/2013-ukaa-winners/).Dr. Langat has benefited from the international partnership between the University of Surrey and North Carolina State University whose aim is to accelerate and enrich research in three multidisciplinary areas: Veterinary Bioscience, Climate Change: Science and Policy, and Natural Products and Human Health. He spent a week with researchers of the Plants for Human Health Institute (PHHI) in Kannapolis in September 2011.