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Paul Skerritt, Cornelia Vizman (2019)Dual pairs for matrix groups, In: Journal of Geometric Mechanics11(2)pp. pp 255-275 American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

In this paper we present two dual pairs that can be seen as the linear analogues of the following two dual pairs related to fluids: the EPDiff dual pair due to Holm and Marsden, and the ideal fluid dual pair due to Marsden and Weinstein.

Paul Skerritt (2019)The frame bundle picture of Gaussian wave packet dynamics in semiclassical mechanics, In: Letters in Mathematical Physics109(12)pp. pp 2723-2751 Springer

Recently Ohsawa (Lett Math Phys 105:1301–1320, 2015) has studied the Marsden–Weinstein–Meyer quotient of the manifold T ∗Rn × T ∗R2n2 under a O(2n)-symmetry and has used this quotient to describe the relationship between two different parametrisations of Gaussian wave packet dynamics commonly used in semiclassical mechanics. In this paper, we suggest a new interpretation of (a subset of) the unreduced space as being the frame bundle F(T ∗Rn) of T ∗Rn. We outline some advantages of this interpretation and explain how it can be extended to more general symplectic manifolds using the notion of the diagonal lift of a symplectic form due to Cordero and de León (Rend Circ Mat Palermo 32:236–271, 1983).