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Dr Rachida Bance-Soualhi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
+44 (0)1483 686852
10 AZ 03

Academic and research departments

Department of Chemistry.

My publications


FRANKLAND VICTORIA, (2019)Raman Analysis of Meta-autunite, In: Environmental Radiochemical Analysis VI
Ponce-González J, Whelligan DK, Wang Lianqin, Bance-Soualhi Rachida, Wang Ying, Peng Y, Peng H, Apperley DC, Sarode HN, Pandey TP, Divekar AG, Seifert S, Herring AM, Zhuang L, Varcoe John (2016)High performance aliphatic-heterocyclic benzyl-quaternary ammonium radiation-grafted anion-exchange membranes, In: Energy and Environmental Science9(12)pp. 3724-3735 Royal Society of Chemistry
Chaaban Jinane, Hakawati Nawal Al, Howlin Brendan, Bance-Soualhi Rachida, Danil de Namor Angela An Asymmetric N-Rim Partially Substituted Calix[4]pyrrole: Its Affinity for Ag(I) and its Destruction by Hg(II), In: Arabian Journal of Chemistry Elsevier
Danil de Namor Angela, Abou Hamdan W, Webb O, Bance- Soualhi R, Howlin Brendan, Al Hakawati N (2018)Calix(4)arene urea derivatives: the pathway from fundamental studies to the selective removal of fluorides and phosphates from water, In: Journal of Hazardous Materials Elsevier
Willson Terry R., Hamerton Ian, Varcoe John R., Bance-Soualhi Rachida (2019)Radiation-grafted cation-exchange membranes: an initial ex situ feasibility study into their potential use in reverse electrodialysis, In: Sustainable Energy & Fuels2019(3)pp. 1682-1692 Royal Society of Chemistry
Gonçalves Biancolli Ana Laura, Herranz Daniel, Wang Lianqin, Stehlíkov Gabriela, Bance-Soualhi Rachida, Ponce-González Julia, Ocón Pilar, Ticianelli Edson A., Whelligan Daniel K., Varcoe John R., Santiago Elisabete I. (2018)ETFE-based anion-exchange membrane ionomer powders for alkaline membrane fuel cells: a first performance comparison of head-group chemistry, In: Journal of Materials Chemistry A Royal Society of Chemistry
Lee W, Crean Carol, Varcoe John, Bance-Soualhi Rachida (2017)A Raman spectro-microscopic investigation of ETFE-based radiation-grafted anion-exchange membranes, In: RSC Advances7pp. 47726-47737 Royal Society of Chemistry