Samaneh Kouchaki

Dr Samaneh Kouchaki

Lecturer in Machine Learning for Healthcare
+44 (0)1483 689261
38 BA 01



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Dr Kouchaki is currently looking to supervise PhD students interested in exploring the following topics:

Deep interpretable learning for healthcare data:

Interpretability is an important factor in healthcare as it helps clinicians understand how the model is working and also discover the important clinical variables. Adding interpretability to deep learning techniques would allow their deployment in clinical use.

Machine learning and signal processing for genetic data:

Omics-based research includes the study of multiple genetic resources (proteomics, genomics, metabolomics) and provides biological insights for many healthcare applications. Traditionally, machine learning techniques have been employed successfully in analysing individual genetic resources but not multi-omics. Multi-omics research is vital for understanding complex biological systems.

Heterogeneous graph embedding and graph convolutional networks for multi-sensor data analysis:

The aim is to develop a sophisticated and robust framework for embedding multiple features for a joint dense representation of the data to better predict the patient’s outcome by applying deep learning algorithms.


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