Sophie Russell

Dr Sophie Russell

Lecturer in Social Psychology
Ph.D., Social Psychology, University of Kent, 2010
Mondays 12:00-15:00 (term time), or by appointment



After completing my PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Kent I continued there as a Lecturer in Psychology. I started my present role as Lecturer in Social Psychology at Surrey in January 2013.

Research interests

My main research interests are in moral emotions, social cognition, prejudice, and culture. Previously, my research has focused on uncovering novel differences between anger and disgust, in moral and group contexts, focusing on the consequences of these emotions. Currently, I am interested in how moralization and moral emotions (particularly anger, disgust, shame and guilt) impact attitudes, behaviour and stigma.

Current Teaching

PSY1019- Social Psychology with research methods 1 (module convenor and contributor)

PSY3093/PSYM110- Morality and Emotions (module convenor and contributor)


University roles and responsibilities

  • Final Year Tutor


Postgraduate research supervision

My publications


Peer- Reviewed Journal Publications

Bartos, S.E., Russell, P.S., & Hegarty, P. (in press). Heroes against homophobia: Does elevation uniquely block homophobia by inhibiting disgust? Cognition and Emotion. doi: 10.1080/02699931.2020.1726292

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Peer- Reviewed Journal Publications (under review) 

AlSheddi, M., Hegarty, P & Russell. Between Cultural Relativism and Liberal Ethnocentrism: What does Saudi Arabia Tell Us about Cultural Variation in Moral Identity and Prejudice. 

Russell, P.S., Birtel, M.D.,Smith, D.M, & Hart, K. Infant Feeding and Internalized Stigma: The Role of Experienced Emotions. 


Other Publications

McDowall, A., Carr, I., Russell, S., Glorney, E., Bharj, N., Coyle, A., & Nash, R. (2014). What works to prevent wrongdoing in police and other organisations? A rapid evidence assessment: A rapid evidence assessment (TBC). College of Policing.

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