How to apply

Professional Training placements are usually applied for and secured via an open and free-to-all process, within which students can select and apply for numerous opportunities. 

Searching and applying for opportunities

The Professional Training placement application process is highly competitive, however each year more than a thousand students secure a placement. You are generally not placed by the University, and therefore have the freedom to make your own application choices. 


You are encouraged to begin thinking about your placement from the moment you arrive in your first year if you are an undergraduate student. You will be prompted to reflect on the types of placements that will be suitable for you and what you want to achieve from the year.

You will begin submitting applications in your second year and will have a 12-month window in which to apply for and secure a placement. We advertise more than a thousand placements on our careers portal, Surrey Pathfinder, and it is your choice who you apply to and how many applications you make. There is also the option of sourcing your own placement.

Placement providers use their own recruitment and selection procedures, and the majority of students secure their placements this way. Please be aware there may be travel costs incurred when attending interviews and assessment centres at the placement provider’s premises.


For our postgraduate students on courses with a Professional Training placement, you will begin to search and apply from the moment you arrive. The access to placement opportunities and the selection process is the same as undergraduate students but we encourage our postgraduate students to start considering their placement as soon as they join us.

Support and guidance

We have a range of support available to help you successfully secure a placement. We can help with all aspects of this as well as interview and assessment centre preparation.

I came across my Planet Hollywood opportunity on the placement list provided by the University. Alice Kelly, BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Mangement
Alice Kelly