Developing a non-linear and flipped approach to learning and teaching to increase student understanding and engagement

Start date

May 2022

End date

July 2022


The project aims to develop a method for using a non-linear approach and flipped teaching to improve students’ learning experience. The module about thermodynamics within the Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences will be used as a platform to develop and evaluate the proposed method.

Aims and objectives

The aims of the project are to develop a nonlinear and flipped teaching method in order to enhance students’ learning experience. The objectives are as follows.

  1. Develop a software platform to implement the non-linear teaching and learning approach. This platform will be used as the main learning platform in the experiment and allow students to track their progress and self-assess their learning by formative assessments such as quizzes. Should we decide to resume to the conventional approach, this platform can still be used to provide additional support to the students’ study. This platform can also contribute to remote teaching programmes if needed
  2. Gain a better understanding of how this non-linear way of study can improve the learning experience of the students. This should provide a more natural way of obtaining knowledge and skills, and also improve the engagement from the students
  3. Inform designs of other similar modules and support students learning and improve students’ satisfaction.

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Research themes

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