Exploring the process of creating exhibition service innovation from value propositions in service-dominant logic

This research project analyses how co-production of knowledge contributes to the innovation process in the exhibitions industry in Hong Kong. 

Start date

January 2020

End date

December 2021


Meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE) tourism are high value-added forms business tourism which exert considerable impact on local economies. Innovation is a key to maintaining competitiveness in this important sector, and the service-dominant (S-D) logic perspective provides insights into how co-creation can contribute to generating value propositions to customers.

This project aims to identify the process whereby such practices inform the innovation process in the exhibition industry in Hong Kong. To achieve this aim, we will utilise big data analytics, exhibition service innovation project analysis, conduct in-depth interviews and expert panel reviews to identify key features of the co-production and innovation processes. It will then use a survey to validate the findings with respect to how propositions are developed and created for service innovation.




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