PROTECT: the right to international protection. A pendulum between globalisationand nativization?

PROTECT The Right to International Protection is an EU-funded research project launched on 1 February 2020. It studies the UN's Global Compacts on Refugees and Migration as key solutions to handle global refugee flows.

Start date

01 February 2020

End date

01 February 2023


The Surrey team is co-leading the work in Work Package (WP) 5, surveying civil society organizations’ role in the process of international migration, seeking to understand how they shape policy, public narratives, and the practical implementation of the high concepts of the Global Compact on Refugees. They also play a vital role in Work Package (WP) 3, conducting fieldwork in Greece on how the impact of GRC and GMC is perceived by governance actors and people entitled to international protection, and by the most closely related actors

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The project is conducted by an international consortium of 11 universities in Europe, Canada, and South Africa, and led by Professor Hakan G. Sicakkan on behalf of the Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen.

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