Water energy food: Stepping up

Start date

01 October 2015

End date

30 September 2018


The objective of this project was to understand what makes innovations have low-impact at the WEF nexus and, to find out if it was possible to reproduce the conditions for a low-impact WEF nexus at a larger scale, replicate them in other situations, or proliferate them more widely at a smaller scale.

To achieve our aims, we brought together a team with expertise across water, food and energy with physical science, engineering and social science backgrounds. This team built models of a few case studies that have achieved low-impact across the WEF nexus.




Angela Druckman

Professor Angela Druckman

Director of the Centre for Environment and Sustainability

Dr Ruth Falconer

University of Abertay

Darren Lumbroso

HR Wallingford

Professor Catherine Mitchell

University of Exeter

Professor Marion Scott

University of Glasgow

James Suckling

Dr James Suckling

Research Fellow

Dr Liz Varga

Cranfield University

Dr Dapeng Yu

University of Loughborough