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Welfare of zoo animals set to improve

The wellbeing of zoological animals is set to improve following the successful trial of a new welfare assessment grid, a new study in the journal Veterinary Record reports.

Recurrence of prostate cancer could be reduced thanks to exciting new discovery

Ground breaking research could reduce the recurrence of prostate cancer in males, a new study in the journal Nature Communications reports.

Professor Harvey Arellano-Garcia awarded Honorary Professorship

Professor Harvey Arellano-Garcia from the Department of Chemical & Process Engineering has been awarded an Honorary Professorship by the Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil. This award follows a close working relationship with the University Federal da Bahia (UFBA) for several years, which has resulted in several collaborative projects.

Grant enables greater collaboration to improve the positive effects of vaccines

The University of Surrey’s Professor Simon de Lusignan has been awarded a grant of just under £320,000 (€ 379,000) to bring together a network of various stakeholders, both public and private, in a project that will ultimately help improve people's’ health outcomes from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Research into the connectivity of devices in factories will lead to improved capability and ultra-reliability

The University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre has received research funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework to address the challenges faced in the manufacturing industries when a large number of devices need to be connected and react in fractions of seconds. Klaus Moessner, Professor in Cognitive Networks at the 5G Innovation Centre, is working with 12 partners (including five from Taiwan) on Clear5G which will investigate reliable technical solutions to time-critical processes for devices not directly operated by humans.

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